Self-order kiosks are self-service machines that allow customers to make food orders by themselves without the help of restaurant waiters or cashiers. They are primarily touch screen tablets or computers that customers use to scroll through to see what is available to order. It becomes seamless and more convenient for customers to customise their orders, pay and get a receipt without relying on help from a waiter or cashier. Self-ordering kiosks make things easier for the customers and restaurants alike. If you have a restaurant business, you may want to consider installing them in your establishment. Here are some benefits you expect to derive from installing self-ordering kiosks:

Better order accuracy

Self-service kiosks eliminate the middleman. Orders are more likely to be accurate when they come directly from the customers themselves. The margin of error is small because the customers choose and submit the items they need. There will be reduced miscommunication, and your waiters will not have to deal with angry customers who get the wrong orders, even after waiting in line for a long time.

It becomes significantly easier for your kitchen staff too. They will not have to waste time making unordered items that the customer will return. Self-ordering technology puts those fears and concerns in the past. Also, improved order accuracy minimizes points of interaction, which people have come to enjoy since the pandemic. Generally, customer experience gets better with better order accuracy.

Reduced labour costs

Your in-house staff are able to move around when you have self-order kiosks. They can cater to other tasks, therefore boosting productivity. Also, the flexibility of staff improves productivity and minimizes labour costs significantly.

They may not replace all your staff members, but you sure will need fewer of them even during high peak hours. That is an added advantage if you are operating on a tight budget. Self-order kiosks will keep the operating costs low enough to help you stay afloat. It helps that they are a one-time investment, not something you have to pay for every month.

Bigger check sizes

Self-ordering kiosks can change the game in your average check sizes. You will no longer have to depend on your staff to identify your best-selling items or highlight pricey add ons. The kiosks will cover you on that front. Upselling also becomes more seamless since you interact with your customers as they build their orders.

Pushing targeted prompts also becomes easier, increasing the chances of improving sales and profit margins in your restaurant business. Promotions can range from buying one get one free to throwing in extra paid toppings or having meal combo options. A self-order kiosk will help you understand the impact those add-ons have on your overall sales. Moreover, customers are more likely to have bigger check sizes when they order with a kiosk, compared to waiters and cashiers. All that translates to better sales and more money in your pocket.

Reduced wait time

Waiting in line to place an order sure takes a lot of time. Especially during peak business hours. Customers do not appreciate it when they have to wait in lengthy lines while hungry to place an order. Self-order kiosks come to the rescue, reducing the average wait time significantly. Customers need not queue to place their orders. All they need to do is input their order in the Self service app, pay and wait for the food. It is also easier for the customers to go through the menu and make their purchases faster. They can move out of the line as they wait for their order to be ready.

Operational efficiencies that stem from having a faster ordering process and shorter lines make a world of difference to a restaurant. There will also be an overall improved customer experience if people do not have to spend a good chunk of their time in line waiting to order their food. Also, since the pandemic, some customers appreciate it when they have minimal interaction. It gives them the comfort that the ordering process is safe.

Staff and customers will feel comfortable

The pandemic created a substantial mindset shift among many people. People realized how easy it was for a disease to transmit between people. Social distancing is the order of the day, and people want to keep it that way to feel safe.

Self-ordering kiosks help ease the minds of both customers and members of your staff. They do not have to worry about risking infections that would come if there were a lot of in-person interactions. Anxious customers will feel comfortable grabbing a meal from your establishments because they are submitting the orders and paying for them by themselves without the need to interact with the staff members.

Minimized operating costs

Running a restaurant is no easy feat. The expenses are constantly building up. You have to handle service charges, and food expenses, among others. Failure to monitor operations could have you at risk of operating at losses. Any avenue to reduce operating costs is always welcome. Self-order kiosks are a technology that promises to lower daily operating expenses.

You can reap the benefits of automation. The staff that would have been taking and placing orders can go to other areas of your business. Reduced touch points when making an order translates to reduced service costs. Also, you will appreciate the flexibility of staff moving around to areas that need more attention.

Boost productivity

Understaffing is a significant concern for restaurants. A self-order kiosk can free up the staff to do other things like cleaning the place. Having your employees handling other responsibilities in the restaurant encourages productivity. Also, customers are more likely to get a better experience in your establishment when other essential tasks are sorted. You will also maintain exceptional service quality when staff are free to support other areas experiencing labour shortages.

Wrapping up

You can deploy self-ordering kiosks in different locations in your restaurant. The machines will certainly go a long way in ensuring that the sales funnels are as fast as possible.