Your office makes a first impression on clients, visitors, and prospective employees. It definitely deserves all the attention you can give. Setting up a high-end commercial space is a great start, but you cannot stop there. Maintenance is crucial to ensure that your investment stays in the best condition. But most property owners and managers focus more on the look and feel of the space. They often fail to realize that pest control is a significant element of office maintenance.

Pest control is the last thing you should overlook because these unwanted guests are a bigger problem than you think. Imagine the impression you will make if a visitor sees a stray rat scampering around. Likewise, pests and rodents can damage furniture, wiring, accessories, and even documents. Not to mention, they pose a health risk to your employees and clients. It makes sense to have a proper pest control plan to save your property from these enemies. Here are the best practices you can rely on..

Prioritize cleanliness and hygiene

A clean and hygienic place is less likely to harbor pests and rodents. These pesky inhabitants thrive on dirt and clutter. Leaving food scraps, waste paper, and extra stuff around enables them to create breeding spots for themselves. Ensure there are no leaky areas in the toilets and open bins on the premises. A regular decluttering schedule for the workspace is another effective measure to keep insects and rodents at bay. You can hire cleaning staff in-house or collaborate with a commercial service provider to handle the regular cleaning job.

Pick the problem areas

When it comes to keeping your commercial space bug-free, everything boils down to identifying the problem areas. It enables you to focus your efforts where it actually matters. While pests can breed anywhere on the premises, some high-risk locations are more likely to have them. For example, you may find cockroaches in the dining areas and bathrooms. Dumpsters make an ideal home for flies, mosquitoes, and rats, so you must ensure they are away from entryways. Storage areas may have spiders, ants, termites, rats, and even birds if they have a way to enter.

Watch out for warning signs

Apart from pinpointing the problem areas, you must also keep a close watch on the premises. While pests may not be visible around, they are sure to leave warning signs indicating their presence on your property. You must pick them early and act before it is too late. Infested food in the pantry, kitchen and dining halls indicates that you have a problem at hand. Check the furniture for termites and dead bugs. The presence of droppings, sawdust, and webs in the windows and doorways are other warning signs. If the boxes in the storeroom are damaged, you need to check the area thoroughly. Another sign that needs attention is scratching sounds behind walls or above ceilings.

Get regular inspections by professionals

Regular checks are crucial to keeping your office pest-free, but you cannot rely on your judgment alone. You must collaborate with a pest control service, even if you cannot see pests and warning signs. It is a small price as timely detection and treatment can save thousands in the long run. You may require specialists for your needs such as bird pest control when you suspect a bird infestation. So look for a provider that offers a broader range of services to cover all your needs. You may search online, seek recommendations, and read reviews to find the best pest control company in your area. It may take some time and effort, but they are worthwhile considering the right provider can rescue you from major hassles down the line.

Perform proactive maintenance

Commercial pest control requires a proactive approach. You cannot just rely on regular inspections and treatments to get rid of these pesky intruders for good. Building maintenance goes a long way in keeping them out in the first place. Exterior damage to the area provides easy access to insects and rodents. Start by checking the exterior of the building and investing in repairs. Filling cracks and holes can keep the creepy crawlies out. You must install nets and meshes to stop the entry of flies, mosquitoes, and birds. Double-check the basement too, because intruders may reside therein even without a warning sign.

Pay attention to landscaping

You may repair and maintain the office building but still notice insects and pests in your office. The culprits may not be within the premises but outside. For example, overgrown shrubs can be a breeding ground for pests. Uncovered drains and dumpsters make ideal hiding spots for rodents. Paying attention to landscaping is equally crucial. Ensure that the shrubbery around the commercial space is trimmed regularly. A clean outdoor space is as important as well-maintained indoors, so make sure you go the extra mile.

Invest in ongoing pest control

Pests stay around throughout the year, even if they are not visible in the winter months. They may hibernate during the colder season and return in a larger number once the days get warmer. Holidays are even more dangerous as a closed office gives these intruders more freedom. Investing in ongoing pest control is the best way to ensure safety throughout the year. It becomes more crucial during the new normal when offices run on and off. Let a professional handle regular inspection, even if it means collaborating with them for the long haul. Act quickly at the slightest warning signs, and call your provider right away.

Office pest control sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't something you should overlook. Your commercial space replicates your business, and it affects the perception of employees and clients. Compromising cleanliness and hygiene can impact your reputation, and it is the last thing you will want to happen. Make sure your place is bug-free and focus on growing your business. It is possible only if you let experts handle the job, so it is worth finding one you can rely on.