Look around. You will notice how most of your peers in the industry have gone digital. What seems to be the reason, apart from the pandemic, that is? People have become used to mobile apps and smartphone versions of your already existing websites. They want to shop on the go. They want to be able to create a grocery list on their smartphones whether they are in the office or the loo. What do you do? You follow the trend. You live up to their expectations.

Let's have a look at a few tips that are going to make your website an even bigger hit with your audience, especially in the present scenario of the much-talked-about digital boom:

1. Set Your Priorities For Your Business

Whenever you are designing a web portal or website for your business, you have to have certain priorities set out from the start. Some businesses and brands might want to invest in a completely informative website while others may focus more on the marketing aspects.

·         What is the purpose of your website?

·         Are you going to sell products or subscriptions or services?

·         Is it going to have a payment gateway?

·         Will you be uploading informative and not just marketing content on your blog section?

·         Are you going to have a sophisticated sales funnel to generate and convert leads?  

Whether it is your small business or large enterprise, the purpose of your website is going to define your digital presence and will impact your sales numbers directly.  

2. Pay Attention To Mobile-Friendliness

Just like E-Commerce, m-commerce has become quite huge as well. The current situation is that people are going to use a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website around 83% of the time if given a choice between a desktop website and the former. If you don't have a mobile-friendly version of your already existing website, it might not be too late. Your competitors are gearing up to do the same just as you are reading this blog. Make sure that the design remains responsive and fluid. Ensure that the scaling of those web pages is seamless and gives your users the desired experience every time they visit your website.

3. Easy Navigation Is Vital For First-Time Visitors

How are you going to make it easier for your user to use and navigate across your website? For example, what if a user decides to just visit your web page and explore around a little? Your navigation, flow and scale of the menus, animation speed, loading speed, transitions from one page to another, and a lot of elements that you have put into your website, all have to be absolutely flawless.

Make sure that your customers do not struggle when exploring your website for the first time. The response of your web pages should be quick. The images and videos that you have put up should load instantly. Make sure that your buffer times are as short as possible. This is the only way to ensure a fantastic end-user experience for your first-time visitors.

4. A Little Bit About Web Design

You haven't really paid attention to the whole design and aesthetics aspect of your website, have you? You have obviously read about mobile-friendliness, easy navigation, menus, animations, and a lot more but what about the basic design of your website? This design and visual appeal are going to be a reflection of your brand and business.

You need to get in touch with a dependable and creative Atlanta Web Design company to come up with a website that creates a strong impression on your visitors. It is not just about the proportions or the colors or the font that you have used. It is about how well each element goes with the other. The right website design catches the eye of your users and propels them to visit you again and again.

5. Video Elements Make You A Winner

Have you ever visited a website that has a large, full-size, or full HD video right there on the landing page? Isn't that just fantastic? You will agree that it is one of the most unique approaches to attract your users. It is a great way to keep them engrossed and reduce your bounce rate. You can do that on your front banner and make sure that the video contains all the fun and interesting elements about your business.

You can also incorporate a few testimonials given by a loyal client of yours to pique the interest of your audience. Remember, video elements including doodles and animations are always going to highlight you as an industry leader. It portrays a very different image of your website and business in front of your audience. You will come across to them as a player who plays to win.

6. What Is Your Social Proof?

Yes, everyone talks about social media but little do they know that they can increase their prospects by more than 58% by just linking some of their social media profiles with their official website. People are going to love you for this because they will know that you are an authentic entity. Linking them to your social media profiles is a great way to personalize the entire experience.

The transition should be seamless and the connection should be stronger than you have ever made with any of your "friends" on social media. This is a great opportunity to address their pain points and also thank them for the valuable time that they take out to write a review about your offerings.

7. Get Hold Of Referral Traffic

Getting referral traffic could be one of the most interesting approaches to highlight your website in front of your prospects. Do not persuade other websites to link back to your website. Instead, create engaging and relevant content that your peers in the industry would beg to get linked to. You won't even know when you will surpass your monthly sales targets and you will pat yourself on the back for it.

You Are The Winner

You already know what it takes to create a robust and responsive website. After reading this blog, you will know how to make it even more attractive for your visitors and lucrative for your business.