The most daunting thing for any online entrepreneur is finding a steady stream of work. In most cases, it is either feast or famine. Of course, not knowing where the next project or gigs will come from is stressful. Luckily, there are some ways to find more work. Let us look at a few hacks you can try to implement to scale up the client base.

Your network is your net worth

To be successful as an online entrepreneur-whatever your scope of work, you will need to venture out and network. Networking gives you a chance to meet people with similar skills who will help you expand your knowledge. Remember, every industry keeps evolving and you need to keep up! To ensure that your services remain top-notch, you need to have a strong network where you exchange ideas and stay on top of the industry trends. Additionally, networking puts your name out there.
Now, the biggest goal for your business is to find new clients and grow your brand. When you have built good networks, they will always refer to your name first whenever they meet a potential client looking for the services that you offer. It is time to get outside your door, or use digital platforms to make new contacts. Every contact you make might be a door to future opportunities! The people you meet may not be potential customers. But, they might know someone who will be.
Again, with the power of the internet, you can network online without leaving the comfort of your home!

Build a portfolio

One of the best ways to showcase your skills as an online entrepreneur is by building a portfolio. It works like charm, especially if you are in the technical line of work. Potential clients take you more seriously when they need to see your project case examples. Good quality images and videos are golden in the marketing world. So, take good quality images of your work and showcase any of your products. You can also create videos showcasing your services. You can even showcase your expertise via a website. Your potential customers will likely want to see some highlights of your relevant past jobs. They can build trust in your skills and abilities.

Tip: Ensure that your website sparks interest in your potential clients and convinces them that working with you is their best bet.

Learn English

It is no surprise that English is one of the most widely spoken languages globally. English is also the global business language. In other words, understanding English might just get you ahead when looking for opportunities. The future is remote work and good command of the language will help you access more projects around the world. You can consider using an online English tutor to sharpen your English, faster on a budget. Not only will more opportunities come your way, but also it will make your work more manageable when you can effectively communicate with your clients.

Cold pitching

As an entrepreneur, you cannot just sit and wait for work to come to you. Sometimes, you need to go out there and look for clients. That is where cold pitching comes in handy. Well, cold pitching is where you email, call or send messages to potential clients to convince them to work with you. When you do a cold pitch, it is necessary to be very concise and present yourself as someone your potential client would be happy to be working together.
Try to be as professional as possible. Have an elevator pitch that showcases your relevant experience and expertise. It also helps if you are as personal as possible with the companies that you contact. You do not want them feeling like you were only doing a mass spamming spree. Always customize your emails. In fact, doing your research to know the specific areas that your potential clients would need your expertise will increase the chances of working with you. Then, communicate how your skills and abilities match their needs.

Get social on the socials!

We can’t reiterate this enough. Social media is one tool that can build your business. Yes, cultivating an online audience can help you attract new clients. This is why as an entrepreneur,  you need to have a noticeable presence online for potential clients to know about you. It is the best time to craft a profile that appeals to your target audience. Try to churn content that will sell your business online.
The best thing about social media is that your clients are not limited to a specific geographical area. There are literally no boundaries! It is one big sea to cast your fishing net. Consistency is key though. You will need to put effort in generating the right content and building a community that can recommend your work.

Ask for feedback

By feedback, we do not mean hounding your clients for feedback every time you work with them. As a rule of thumb, your work needs to have outstanding quality if you expect your clients to recommend your services. When you go above and beyond to give quality products and services, your clients will be more than happy to leave glowing reviews.

Reviews are one of the best ways new clients cross-check the quality of services. After all, everyone wants to know that the services they will be getting are tried and true. That is why you might want to ask your clients to write feedback on your work whenever they get satisfactory services. Do not be modest or too shy to ask for testimonials. They could be the gateway to new and exciting work projects in the future.

Wrap up

One of the biggest challenges that online entrepreneurs face is finding and retaining clients. You will need to find ways to get gigs then work to prove that you are a force in your field. The better you can prove yourself, the easier it will be to get new opportunities. You need to work hard and build a good reputation. Try to be patient, as it can take some time. We hope the tips we have discussed go a long way in helping you get more gigs and improve your cash flow.