Congratulations! You finally decided to get a custom swimming pool for your backyard. But getting a new swimming pool constructed is always a massive project, no matter the size. It can also be very demanding and consume a lot of your resources, time, and effort.

Naturally, many questions come to mind, including the design of the pool and the type of materials and other features you want to be included. However, one of the primary concerns is “what to consider when selecting the right contractor for your swimming pool.”

Many thoughts always come to mind when searching for professional companies for any specialized projects. You will want to know about the contracting company’s experience, skills, and in-depth knowledge of constructing the pool without hiccups.

But where do you start?

We compiled a list of 6 factors to look for when selecting the right pool contractor for your swimming pool.

Here’s what we found:

  1. Qualifications and Insurance

Just because a pool contractor you want to hire has completed several projects doesn’t always mean they are properly licensed.

You always want to hire an insured and qualified pool contractor that guarantees a properly done project. This will also help you safeguard your legal interests and other instances where injuries or damages may occur.

An experienced and qualified pool contractor will also have a permit that allows them to operate in your area legally.

If you’re looking for high-quality workmanship and professional work standards, never hesitate to ask your contractor to show you their permit and insurance details. And if they’re licensed, you will want proof. This way, you can prove that the contractor claimed they were a properly licensed business if you run into legal issues.

  1. Ratings, Reviews, and Reputation

Another great strategy to ensure professional pool installation services is to learn everything you can about the contractor’s previous clients’ experiences. You want to gauge their customer satisfaction by checking their references. You will want to be thorough when checking some of the references, so you don’t get duped into thinking you’re working with a professional pool contractor.

Also, keep in mind that having a small list of references doesn’t automatically mean a bad thing.

You want to check online reviews about the pool contractor. How do they respond to complaints? Is there any information about their quality and work ethics? You want to gather as much relevant information about each pool contractor that allows you to decide who is best suited for the job.

Finally, check the pool contractor’s ratings on the Better Business Bureau website to check their legitimacy. You must remember that all businesses receive negative reviews at some point. You can’t always make everyone happy. However, pay special attention to how the contractor handles client complaints. It says a lot about the company you intend to hire.

  1. Customer References

Sometimes, the best way to look for a new contractor is to seek assistance from previous customers. This might be your friends or family members who have used pool contractors before. You will get the most honest opinions from these people. They can also be previous clients from the contractor’s platform.

Naturally, you will need to ask questions like how the pool construction experience was, how the contractor handled the business, were they professional in their work, how satisfied the client was by the time of project completion, the quality of materials used, and more.

These are some of the most important questions you’ll want honest answers to. Did the contractor complete the project within the timeframe, budget, and milestones agreed upon? These are the things you need to know when contacting previous customer references.

  1. Warranty of the Workmanship

Another critical factor to consider is the contractor’s workmanship warranty. You will want to discuss all issues that the warranty may cover as well as the duration of the warranty. The law states that the minimum acceptable warranty is one year. However, problems like plumbing leaks and other structural issues don’t always arise for at least a year.

Therefore, you want to ensure that the workmanship warranty for the pool contractor you want to hire applies for a much longer period. This way, you don’t have to be responsible for any repairs or rework that may have been caused by construction or installation mistakes.

  1. Get Everything in Writing

When hiring any type of contractor, you always want to develop some form of trust between yourself and the contractor. However, even more important is to put everything in writing.

It is always important to record everything, including the estimate, the contract, and the bill of materials. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to sign or commit to the contract during the initial visit. Ensure you take enough time to review the contract thoroughly.

However, before any work starts or any money commitments are made, you must have written paperwork detailing what you want to be done for you. This way, you always have tangible evidence to back you up whenever something goes wrong, or the contractor denies a breach of contract.

  1. Experience

There’s nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than having an experienced contractor work on your dream pool. Your contractor’s experience will reflect on their creativity, design, construction quality, and ability to handle pressure and other unexpected challenges.

Constructing a swimming pool requires a lot of skills that can only be acquired by experience over time. These are the qualities you’ll want the pool writer you hire to exhibit.

Don’t Settle for a Sub-Par Contractor

If you want your completed swimming pool to look it’s very best, you will need the best pool contractor for the job. Get started with the tips above, and you will be on your way to finding the best pool contractor for your swimming pool.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted pool contractor for your swimming pool,  it is best to pick pool installers with custom-built and reimagined swimming pools for customers. Choosing professional pool installers will help make your dream pool a reality.