The startup domain is complex and challenging, and women entrepreneurs often have to break the glass ceiling to make it big. Despite the challenges, the success stories of women-led startups in the US are inspiring. But things can get harder in the new normal, particularly when it comes to making your venture visible to the potential domain. As events aren’t common amid the pandemic and advertising budgets are tight, you cannot expect to boost visibility and reach via the traditional means. You will need to think outside the box to extend your reach without burning a hole in your budget. Here are some tips to help.

Focus on audience expectations

Right now, people want to connect with businesses that care for them. Focusing on consumer expectations can serve as a wonder tactic if you wish to make your new venture visible. Align your offering to match the current needs and highlight the effort in your marketing message. For example, if you operate in the retail domain, offer free delivery to help buyers stay home and be safe.

Participate in virtual events

Even as big business events and exhibitions are on a halt across the US, things are happening virtually. Look around for the niche-specific and area-specific virtual events and take part in them. It will give your startup the exposure it needs. Further, you can gain some helpful connections in the business community as well. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune on participation.

Build a local presence

The pandemic has made local buyers more important than ever, and it makes sense for women entrepreneurs to invest in local presence. The best way to do it is by being a part of the local listing as this is where the audience starts looking for businesses. For example, if you have just launched a business in Vermont, make sure that you have it in the search craigslist vermont right away. It will be a lot easier for the audience around to locate you and reach out. Additionally, a local presence gives you trust and credibility that matters a lot for startups.

Invest in digital outreach

With the pandemic being around, traditional advertising like billboards and print ads may not be the best way to reach the audience. They are expensive and may not get you the desired reach when people are at home. Investing in digital outreach is the better approach for new businesses. Opt for strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online ads. You will end up with a greater reach on a smaller budget.

Ask for recommendations 

The current crop of consumers prioritizes trust and loyalty, so you must work on consolidating them to extend your startup’s visibility. Ask the existing buyers for positive reviews and recommendations as they can serve as business catalysts. Request them to post reviews online and on their social media profiles. The strategy costs nothing but fetches excellent returns.

Being a woman entrepreneur requires courage and conviction, particularly when you are just starting. But smart work with your business tactics can make it much easier to grow your visibility and build a base of loyal customers.