Did you think that the marketing trends that have led you to the end of 2021 were going to remain the same in 2022 too? Well, you are in for some big surprises in the coming year. Content marketing is going to evolve and if you don't evolve with it, you might lose out on your existing significant market share to your competitors in North London. Let's understand how the marketing landscape is going to change in 2022:

1. The Rise Of The Infographic

Your users are tired of reading long blogs and articles. They do not want to go through endless thesis about your products and services. They want numbers. They want statistics. They want information that is objective and can be consumed with just a glimpse. Infographics are a great way to do that and the year 2022 is going to be all about colorful pie charts and graceful bar diagrams.

2. Video Content Is Always Engaging

Yes, this is quite evident because more than 69% of your consumers would prefer to watch a descriptive or informative video of your product or service in action rather than reading the instructions on their package. A simple video marketing tutorial or any other informative video can boost your conversions by almost 46% which is quite significant in the present time and age.

You can use several platforms such as your social media profiles, web pages, landing pages, co-marketing websites, applications, and a lot more to showcase your video content. When it comes to engaging your user with your content marketing strategy, you should leave no stone unturned.

3. What About Podcast Marketing?

Did you know that several surveys were conducted in North London this year and the result was that close to 49% of youngsters between the ages 12 and 32 preferred to listen to podcasts practically every day? The average turned out to be a significant 6 listening hours in a week. What does that suggest? It means that you will have to direct your efforts towards finding a dependable and attractive UK male voiceover artist for your podcast marketing function.

Remember, podcasts are a great way for you to showcase your creativity on a wide range of topics. In addition to this, you can always have guests and special speakers on your podcast and extend your episode beyond the predetermined topic. This is going to be a welcome surprise for your listeners and will create a unique identity for your brand in the market.

4. Blog Marketing Is Quick And Easy

Well, there is still a significant portion of your target market that is very much interested in what you have to say. You should also remember that blogs and articles are very powerful tools for inbound marketing. Your loyal users are never going to ignore the written content that you put out there regularly. Whether it is your product information or description of your latest services, your true followers across North London will always value your written word.

5. Social Media Marketing

All images, infographics, videos, and statistics can find one unified platform which is in the form of your social media accounts. The number is 3.6 billion and it is on the rise. Yes, these many people are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more. Can you ignore this trend?

So, these were a few ways content marketing is going to evolve in 2022. If nothing radical, you are definitely going to witness a rise in their popularity. Gear up for the change.