Finding the right talent to round up your team can be challenging. As a hiring manager, you will often wonder how you will attract and retain the best talent in a competitive market.  You know that hiring right is difficult and a bad hire can be very costly! So, how do you go about attracting the best candidate to your workplace? How do you get to hire the right talent for your company? This article will answer these and more. Below are some modern recruitment tips that you should consider while hiring. 

Make your company attractive

Research shows that job candidates are drawn to companies for many of the same reasons that attract consumers. Often, they want to work for a company full of great bosses and co-workers. Besides, they consider the company culture within which they will be working. That is why you must align your brand and give it the best facelift. How can you make your employer brand stand out? Here are some strategies to do so: 

  • Be culturally diverse: according to one article published on Thomson Reuters, cultural diversity is one of the strongest features that your organization can have. With diversity, your company becomes a great incubator for innovation, and hence, you will get to attract diverse top talents and tap into the benefits. 
  • Create an enticing employer brand: your employer brand, including your business' value and focus, is one of the things potential candidates look at to determine if they want to work in your organization. Research shows that the emerging generation of employees wants the flexibility and the freedom to innovate. If this is embedded in your brand, you will likely have the top talent vying to work for your company. 
  • Make communication seamless and personalized: ensure that you have an inviting job description and a clearly stated employee value proposition. That way, you will stand a better chance to attract the best talent. Besides, personalization will improve the relationship between you and the candidate, raising the chances of getting the right talent. 

Give a competitive offer

One of the classic ways of attracting great talent is by offering competitive compensation. Potential employees are always concerned about the value of their skills, knowledge, and time. Hence, you need to review your pay to ensure that you remain competitive within your industry. How do you do that? You can find out if the salary you are offering will attract the right talent. 

You can do a study on what competitors pay for similar roles using tools on the web. This will help you benchmark the salaries offered by others within your industry to ensure that you remain competitive.
Here are other ways to do this:

  • Talk to your employees: Gauge the employee opinion on salaries, and associated packages, by including relevant questions within staff surveys. This will help you create a mental picture of how best you can review your salary if necessary. 
  • Ask a recruitment consultant: a good recruitment consultant will be aware of the trends in the industry they specialize in and will act as your eyes and ears in the marketplace. From their experience, they will provide you with the intelligence regarding the competition, and you can plan accordingly. 

Be more flexible with employment terms

Hey! We are in the 21st century, where all people want freedom from conventions. The idea of work has significantly changed the workplace as well. In an era where most people have access to fast internet and powerful computers, working from a magnificent office is not a fun idea. What should that tell you? When hiring, ensure that you determine if the role is flexible enough for remote talents. Sometimes qualified people may not be in a position to relocate to where your office may be located. If a remote worker can fill the role, then, by all means, add that flexibility into your considerations. 

Do a background check

Imagine you have never met someone before, and you are required to start a long-term professional engagement. You have no idea about how they talk, how they relate with others, or how they react when angry. What do you do? 

The prudent thing is to do is to vet their past in relation to the roles they will be playing in the future. You can conveniently use the address history check to confirm and validate the prospective employee’s information. There are various reasons you should run a thorough background check on your candidate. First, it will allow you to authenticate their competence. For example, the employees state their education and job experience in their applications. It will be crucial to ascertain this and even contact past employers and referees to validate the claims. 

You will also get to understand the character of the employee. In fact, reports indicate that most theft and other vices facing businesses today are executed by insiders. This is why a background check will help you make intelligent and informed hiring decisions to help reduce such risks. 

Utilize employee referrals 

Research shows that one in 16 referred candidates are hired and they end up being excellent team members. In essence, employee referrals are becoming an effective way to find the best talent at a lower cost. It is also faster while the onboarding process is much easier. Interestingly, referred employees tend to stay longer. You can simply ask those employees who have been in your organization for a while to refer someone they know of who would fill the position. They tend to understand the company culture better. Thus, they are in a position to refer someone of a similar mind who would fit in better. In other words, have employees as ambassadors of your company as it will save more time and money, plus it will earn you more!

In a nutshell

Attracting the top talent in the current job market has become increasingly competitive. As a hiring manager, you need to understand the best ways to attract your organization's top talent. You should reposition your brand as a competitive and equal opportunity employer. Besides, you should also create the flexibility that befits the modern employee and offer a competitive salary. Most importantly, conduct a background check to ensure that you are getting the right person for the role.