Marketing a brand in the 21st century focuses heavily on digital platforms. And one example of a strategy effective in reaching a specific target audience is blogger outreach. But, the internet is heavily saturated with content. How do you reach the right influencers or bloggers that can do the most for your brand?

In a nutshell, blogger outreach leverages the authority and following of online influencers and successful bloggers. An effective strategy involves tapping bloggers within your niche. Marketing content using this method also builds on other techniques such as link building and SEO. Apart from brand reputation, you’re also building a relationship with your audience. So, what are the different strategies used by marketers like Ocere in conducting blogger outreach? 

  1. Link building

One of the main factors that affect SEO is link building. It's directly related to generating organic traffic for your website. But, it all depends on the quality of links. You'll benefit more if the backlinks come from a blogger that's related to your business niche. 

The authority of the blogger is also another consideration in link building. When choosing between influencers or bloggers to partner with as part of your marketing campaign, you’ll need to choose a blog that receives more links from authority websites. 

  1. Content partnership

When launching a blogger outreach programme, your goal as an entrepreneur should include developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the blogger. It should be considered a partnership, where the content produced should not only help you gain brand recognition but also help the influencer gain more following. When the blogger knows the benefits of partnering with your brand, they will be more passionate about promoting your content. 

  1. Guest posting

Posting articles as a guest in multiple blogs is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies used today. Most readers have a better perception of authority when a blog has multiple authors. When your content appears in an influential blog, you also gain social proof for your website. So, contributing content to well-known blogs will help you gain an audience relevant to your brand and this won’t cost you more. 

  1. Email outreach

This strategy involves contacting influencers and bloggers not only to promote content but also to network and get backlinks. However, one challenge with this strategy is ensuring that your emails don’t get tagged as spam. There are best practices you need to employ if you want a blogger to notice your pitch. Some marketers use automated tools and templates that will guarantee better results. 

  1. Social media share

If you’ve successfully found a blogger who will link your content, the work doesn’t stop there. What you need to do is share the content on relevant social media channels that will help increase reach. It’s essential these days to fund social media promotion. Why? Because social media channels have a massive exposure and marketers can’t afford to ignore this resource. Also, bloggers will appreciate the effort you put into promoting the content. Again, the benefit here is mutual and it will further strengthen the relationship you have with the influencer.