The location of every piece of equipment and appliance decides its performance in the future. And when selecting the site of an air compressor, the story is not so different. So, when choosing the location of your equipment, you need to consider a few key factors.

Here's how you should choose the location and position of your compressor to get the maximum benefits from your efforts.

  1. Accessibility and Serviceability

A significant factor that decides the impact of air compressors placements is the accessibility of the equipment. Make it your rule of thumb to install and place the equipment within a three-foot radius of its other unit, as it gives an appropriate passage for the hot air.

Also, it would help if you kept in mind that several parts of the air compressor are comparatively more significant in size and need a lot more space to service and repair in the future. For instance, a Reciprocating Air Compressor is humongous and should be placed in a vast open area. It will make things a lot easier for you in the future, or if you ever need a change in the current position of your equipment.

  1. Room Temperature and Air Circulation

While you are choosing the location of your air compressor, you must ensure that the room you are placing it in is cool. It is because the equipment generates its heat, and if the room where you have placed it is already hot and humid, the chances are your machine won't work correctly or can stop working altogether.

Additionally, it is essential to find a room that is fully ventilated and has good air circulation. It'll keep the machinery cool and fully operational for a very long time.

  1. The Placement of Power Distribution Centre

You'd be surprised to know that the distance between power and power unit is crucial in the placement of an air compressor. The farther away the equipment is from the power source, the more expensive it will become for you to wire the compressor efficiently.

According to the national electric code guidelines, the slight difference of 100 feet between the power source and the equipment will need one extra roll of wire to fill the gap. This can add to your costs significantly.

  1. Ambient Air Quality

Find the quality of ambient air before you place it before you permanently fix the air compressor. If the air surrounding your equipment is dirty, your maintenance cost will be very high. Therefore, it is recommended to place your equipment at a place with access to clean air. However, if you cannot find a place that has clean air for your equipment, make sure that it has sturdy and durable filters that can tolerate the impurities of dirty air.

To Sum it Up

When placing an air compressor, considering the factors mentioned above can positively affect the performance of your machinery. Moreover, it'll help your equipment to function correctly in the long run. So before you permanently fix your air compressor, make sure to check out all the key factors.