We're excited to release the 2019 list of 100 outstanding podcasts. Thank you to everyone who offered input!

The rankings are based on DataBird data which is gathered via our machine learning technology and complemented by submissions that we received from our partners. The list appears in no particular order. This is meant to be a community resource, so please email us at hello@databird.io with suggested additions or feedback. We will continue to update the list on regular basis.

"What a great list - I can already see a few new podcasts I need to add to my playlist!"

~ WHITNEY HAHN, Managing Partner, Digital Bard | Zesty Video Marketing

The Embrace Your Core Podcast

Embrace Your Core is brought to you by SPEAR Physical Therapy, recently named as the nation’s top Physical Therapy Practice by the American Physical Therapy Association. SPEAR PT exists to provide the discerning healthcare consumer with a distinctively personalized experience that achieves extraordinary results.

CareerCloud Radio

The show is downloaded more than 2,500 times per week. Guests include resume writers, career coaches, authors, recruiters and even job seekers. Topics include resumes tips, preparing for interviews, and networking advice. This show has hundreds of archived episodes. The new host, Justin Dux, plans to release new episodes each month in 2019. Available online, or in iTunes. Become a modern job seeker with advice from this podcast. Job hunting sucks, CareerCloud makes it better.

Lessons from a Quitter

Having quit practicing law to start a business, Goli Kalkhoran created Lessons from a Quitter to highlight other people who have broken free from an unfulfilling career to create a life that they love.

Repurpose Your Career Podcast

Repurpose Your Career podcast brought to you by Career Pivot is a podcast for those of us in the 2nd half of life to come together to discuss how to repurpose our careers for the 21st century. Come listen to career experts give you proven strategies, listen to people like you tell their stories about how they repurposed their careers and finally get your questions answered.

The Conversation Art Podcast

The Conversation is a podcast ostensibly about the world of contemporary art, and features conversations with artists, collectors, curators, writers and dealers/gallerists, as well as the odd miscellaneous art world individual. Michael Shaw, an artist based in L.A., launched the show in November, 2011, inspired by the podcast medium and its more performance-like approach to conversation, as opposed to traditional interview q-&-a’s.

What Got You There Podcast

What Got You There Podcast is all about diving deep and hearing the journey behind some of the worlds most accomplished influencers.

Thoughtful Pinch Podcast

Thoughtful Pinch has taken on more ways to spread thoughtfulness. As Pinterest has been the “go to” for gift ideas, Thoughtful Pinch is the “go to” for the reasons we give gifts in the first place.

Podcast: Global

"Global"is not your usual foreign policy podcast filled with jargon and buzzwords. This 45-minute podcast features one country per episode and delivers an on-the-ground look at our rapidly changing world. Listeners will be the star of their next trivia night after learning about a country’s history, prospects for a democratic future and fast facts. Our lively hosts will interview top country experts, including heads of state, elected officials, foreign policy analysts, journalists, and on-the-ground activists.

Sales Polish Podcast

Living in Silicon Valley, Arlina Allen is in a unique position to network with the best sales professionals in the high tech industry. The focus of this podcast is to share some of those success stories, but primarily, to deconstruct what makes the highest achievers in the high tech industry different from the average rep. Not just best practices, but really uncover the beliefs, though processes, creativity and character traits that make them wildly successful.

The Big Talk with host Tricia Brouk

The Big Talk is all about the art of public speaking, where Tricia shares her expertise as an award winning director and writer in film, tv and theater applies it to the art of public speaking.

The Real Estate Investing Podcast

Learn about the latest Real Estate Investing Strategies.

The Married To Doctors Podcast

The Married to Doctors podcast is a space where people from all different backgrounds can find a community, explore solutions and share stories about the unique challenges that come from being in a relationship with someone choosing a career in the medical profession.  The host of Married to Doctors is Lara McElderry, who has been navigating the medical world for the last sixteen years as she’s supported her husband through medical school, residency, a specialty change, fellowship, as well as raising five boys. She hopes the podcast will inspire others to share and implement ideas for how to make successful homes happier.

Hacker Noon Podcast

How hackers start their afternoons. The weekly tech podcast with Hacker Noon’s Trent Lapinski.

The Wrigleyville Nation Podcast

News, thoughts, and opinions from Chicago Cubs fans, season ticket holders and Wrigleyville residents.

Noisy Cavern Podcast

The Noisy Cavern Network consists of different podcast shows with a variety of topics. The network originated with hosts JC Vera and Luis Zuniga who conversed with invited guests of different walks of life. They took up issues that were currently in the limelight and also those needing more exposure. The commentary usually consisted of a no-holds-barred interview like discussion full of unusual ramblings, few good ideas, and definitely a lot of nonsense.

Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak

Conversations with Phil features candid conversations with authors, business people and speakers to help you build your business. No holds barred, straight talk about business and life, and the intersection of the two, to grow more leads, build better business relationships, and get over the things that hold your business back.

Data Journeys

Data Journeys is a podcast for aspiring Data Scientists by AJ Goldstein, where he interviews world-class Data Scientists about their learning journeys. The focus is on how they’ve bridged the gap between acquiring technical skills and creating real-world impact. In each episode, the goal is to equip up-and-comers with the strategies, tactics, and tools that the best in the world have used to get to where they are today.

Performers & Creators Lab Podcast

Learn about the neuroscience of the “it” factor, listen to artists who channel ghosts to create their work, and hear firsthand from a booking agent about how to promote yourself as an artist.  The host, Holly Shaw, is a performance coach to Emmy award winning and Grammy nominated artists, and she also includes spotlight coaching sessions and wildly far-out conversations with musicians, actors, choreographers, and influencers on this podcast. As one reviewer says, “Holly is amazing at pulling deep wisdom out of her interviewees. This podcast is a must listen!"

Your Own Pay Podcast

Inspiring, Motivating, and Educating.

The P Word Podcast

Have you been struggling with maintaining a healthy balance of work and life? Learn about some simple ways you can find work-life balance.

The Note Closers Show Podcast

The Note Closers Show Podcast covers everything you don’t know about real estate investing today. Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes, interviews experts in the note investing field, including vendors he works with, and students he has trained. Prepare to be educated and entertained on the secrets of how you can control millions of dollars worth of property for pennies on the dollar, through investing in distressed real estate notes. Scott and his students have each closed thousands of deals, all over the United States. Listen each week to stay on top of the latest developments in note investing, how to get to the right people, avoid the wrong people, get the inside track on buying from the banks, find the notes you are looking for, negotiate the best price, and make the high returns you deserve. You don’t even need to use your own money!

Lead Generation Unleashed with Judy Olbrych

Learn about what’s working now to attract more leads, trigger response, and ignite sales for your business.

The Scholarship Shark Podcast

Are you a high school student who wants to know about applying to college and searching  for scholarships? Then this podcast is for you.

RD Real Talk Podcast

Learn about nutrition and real life. On the show, topics include the anti- or non-diet approach to nutrition, intuitive eating, sports nutrition and eating disorder recovery.

The Dots

The Dots is a series of conversations about life journeys, reinvention, and triumphing despite adversity. Hosted by digital strategist, speaker and entrepreneur Kathleen Buczko, these interviews with artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers highlight how to connect the dots in your life and bring things together for success.

Association Chat

Association Chat is a podcast discussing topics that matter most to association industry professionals. Experts both insides and outside the association industry talk about about how to navigate technology changes, membership challenges, and professional development (among other things), produced and hosted by KiKi L’Italien with occasional guest hosts.

Christopher Lochhead | Follow Your Different

Christopher Lochhead explores the differences that make the difference. In life and business. Listen in to a wide range of business and life topics, in a formula-free, insight-packed, no bullshit conversation all featuring captivating guests and the wicked, whiskey soaked mind of Christopher Lochhead.

Black Girl Voiceover World

Black Girl Voiceover World is a seasonal girl-chat style podcast about black women in voiceover. The host, Tiffany Copeland, is a voice actor, business coach and 90's girl. She chats with a new special guest co-host about voiceover tips, self care. Black Girl Voiceover World LLC equips women of color with the skills needed to start and manage their own voiceover business.

Evansville Podcast

Conversations with Evansville's Business and Community Leaders.


Gimlet Media is the award-winning narrative podcasting company that aims to help listeners better understand the world and each other. Gimlet was founded in 2014 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Gimlet podcasts are downloaded over twelve million times per month by listeners from nearly 190 countries worldwide.

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast

Thom Singer has interviewed over 400 CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, solopreneurs, and others on his popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (named on INC.com as one of 8 business podcasts to listen to in 2018).  The purpose of the show is to expose listeners to a variety of information from successful business professionals.  No matter what you want to achieve in your career, always remember that success leaves clues, so listen to the advice of those who are doing cool things.

Wait for the Dawn Podcast

Sachiko Tiana’s journey has been one of many ups and downs, twists and turns - but through it all she knows concretely that her passions and dreams have meaning.


Katie is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, host of the Proof to Product podcast, a business strategist and mentor to creative entrepreneurs.

Men of Abundance Podcast

Men of Abundance is proof that you can have massive abundance and prosperity in your life by taking the right action, Enhancing your Mindset, Living an Attitude of Gratitude and Paying it Forward. These are real life stories of Abundant Leaders in your community. Every guest shares their Kick in the Gut moment. You know, that event that took you to your knees. Yes, they will make you feel that, again. Then each Abundant Leader will Pay it Forward by sharing with you a few Action Steps that you can Take Today to start Living Your Best Life. Taking Grateful Action may be what you've been missing in your life. The conversations always provide amazing resources and other tools for you to live your Life of Abundance in Family, Faith Finances and Fitness.

Subscribed Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to the ‘Subscription Economy’, hosts Tom Krackeler and Rachel English talk to innovators, entrepreneurs, and analysts about the business shift towards recurring revenue.

Mind Love Podcast

Open your mind and expand your possibilities with your weekly dose of Mind Love! Mind Love explores evidence-based research and raw personal stories to help you wake up to your power and lead a more intentional life. Think of it like your weekly action plan toward your highest self! Join host, Melissa Monte, for inspiring interviews into modern mindfulness techniques to level up your mind, body and soul.

Zesty Marketing Podcast

The Zesty Marketing Podcast explores the unique challenges, successful tactics and emerging trends in tourism and attraction marketing.  Learn ways to engage guests, wow sponsors and impress your CEO while avoiding pitfalls and shaking old habits.  Host Whitney Hahn talks with experts about marketing tactics, noteworthy trends and teachable failures.  Past guests include marketing pros from places like Dollywood, Madison Square Garden, The Newseum and Flying Dog Brewery.

The TEL Podcast

In the TEL PODCAST you will learn about all things related to the communities that make up the greater Lane County area. Aaron Stansbury is a member of the Keller Williams team and has a passion for the communities that make up the greater Lane County area. Aaron prides himself in being a hard working real estate agent of high integrity.

Follow Me out of Debt

The Follow Me out of Debt podcast is an easily-digestible show that's brought to you once a week, every week. Tom has taken the advice from well-known authors and show hosts, including Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, Ramit Sethi, and Suze Orman - and is combining them into his own personal strategies to show you what works (and what doesn't) to get out of debt and get into prosperity. Tom shares his victories, struggles, and what he is learning throughout his whole journey directly with you, so you'll always be receiving the most up-to-date and relevant information out there on how to get out of debt.

The Champagne Way

Life can get rough and drag you down but with a little bit of delicious bubbly in your glass, and good humor by your side, you can make it through anything. Co-hosts Trina, Lindsey, and Jess turned their regular Champagne Fridays into a lighthearted feel good podcast where they celebrate all aspects of life--all with a glass of champagne of course! They feature a different champagne each episode and talk about real life, fun adventures, and great (and not so great) ideas. Listeners are invited to "drink about it" and submit "Champagne shout-outs" to special people in their lives. This interactive podcast calls upon it's listeners to take an active role in shaping the show and keeping it entertaining. So grab a glass, pop a bottle, and tune in for some champagne filled fun.

Destination On The Left

This podcast is focused on the travel and tourism industry, exploring successful collaborations, creative marketing ideas and best practices. Host Nicole Mahoney interviews Destination Marketers, Industry Leaders, Consultants and businesses in the tourism industry. Listen and explore consumer marketing programs, travel trade marketing programs, lessons learned and successes achieved for these travel & tourism professionals.

Sisterhood of Sweat

Linda Mitchell is a wife, a mother and an award-winning fitness competitor as well as a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. An author, a podcaster, a fitness studio owner, all under the Sisterhood of SWEAT brand, Linda is helping women build confidence and self-esteem to feel 100% great about themselves. Listen to how Linda helps women reach a point of empowerment and glowing health.

Linda Mitchell, the host of the podcast, Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T- dedicated to helping women balance all aspects of their life in a healthy way through empowerment and positive motivation. Here are a few key public figures Linda has recently had on the show: Tim Storey, Elaine LaLanne, Paul Brunson, JJ Virgin, Alexandra Jamieson, Todd Durkin, Petra Kober, Tricia Brouk.

If you are looking to improve your business skills, the time is now to turn your attention to your Apple Podcast app, or your Android Stitcher app, and listen to the following best business podcasts on your commute to work.