250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Sarah Isaacs

Founder and COO

Conventus Corporation

Sarah Isaacs is founder and COO of Conventus Corporation, founded in 2006. The cybersecurity software company offers InfoSec consulting and focuses on providing the visibility needed to track and reduce risk. They accomplish that through NorthStar, a holistic system that provides asset detection and inventory capabilities, configuration, vulnerability status reporting, and intelligence for measuring risk management effectiveness. Sarah is also an advisory board member of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals. The goal of ICMCP is to achieve the consistent representation of women and minorities in cybersecurity through programs designed to foster recruitment, inclusion and retention – one person at a time. Sarah’s previous security roles include Technical Manager at Symantec and Security Engineer at Arthur Andersen. She was part of a global team responsible for the evolution of the overall security architecture for Andersen. Sarah is passionate about promoting women in technology and writes and speaks often about the subject. She was more recently featured in FastCompany, Venture Beat, Women2.0, SC Magazine and Huffington Post.





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