LHI Executive Search

New York, New York
LHI Executive Search is an award winning investigative and disruptive executive search and research firm with a specialty in placing sales, pre-sales and marketing executives across many industry sectors. In financial services, IT, cyber-security, digital & social media platforms, big data, FinTech and financial product software, LHI has made placements across a broad spectrum positions and competencies. Our track record of success is derived from not only making the hard to do direct engagement recruitment phone calls, but also by networking with our industry contacts, and judiciously utilizing all of the social media and Internet resources available to the recruitment industry. LHI is proud of our track record of investigative (direct competitor) candidate recruitment.   We pride ourselves in vigorously representing our clients in the marketplace by delivering a compelling message and gaining the attention and trust of candidates who are not in the market. In the marketplace LHI operates under the highest level of professional ethics in both client and candidate relations. LHI is an award winning Top 10 member of The NPA Worldwide Recruiting Network with partner offices throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas, see www.npaworldwideworks.com CRS- Candidate Research Solutions is a proprietary (research only) service offering of LHI that allows end user clients and internal corporate recruiting teams to have access to a proprietary process that integrates LHI’s Investigative Executive Search Methodologies with the Best Practices of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Social Media Analytics and Email Marketing. This search methodology can also be used in select Sales, Business Development, Marketing Campaigns and Competitive Intelligence Initiatives. Visit our Web site for Additional Details: http://lh-int.com/candidate-research-solutions/




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