Innovative Systems Group

Glen Ellyn, IL
In a technological landscape where quick turnarounds and short acclimation timeframes are becoming the new standard of business, CIOs, procurement executives and hiring managers need a company that does so much more than source a role today with a qualified IT consultant. They need a partner who is consistently “Bringing The Best Together” to help them be in the right place at the right time and seamlessly adapt to a host of changes on the consulting, outsourcing and project management front. That’s why they choose Innovative Systems Group (ISG). For a clientele that includes a variety of companies in the Fortune 500, we bring the best people and resources together so our clients can hit the ground running. Whether that calls for obtaining that special kind of talent who meshes culturally with the organization’s goals for years to come, flexible OnDemand solutions to help clients quickly scale up or down or inventive options in OnShore development that enable us to keep consultants close to client operations while preserving their current space on-site. ISG is how forward-thinking businesses find the highest level of intelligence on the IT consultants, trends and tools that will shape the next era. So they can continue to lead rather than follow.




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